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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We have moved

We have actually moved house, we moved 3 weeks ago very nice and quiet. The house we sold had a contract on it 12 days after we put it on the market which was not bad. A couple of weeks before we moved out, when the contract had run its course we had a Sold notice put over the sign also at the same time next door to us decided to put their house on the market, (with another Real Estate company) all of a sudden our sign in front of the house disappeared, now this was not children playing around because they would have gone for both signs. We where told some time ago that this does happen with some Real Estate agents, ( it does not look good if you are trying to sell a house and the house next door has already been sold by another real estate company.) We had the sign replaced again the following week with an old sign just in case this was repeated. Guess what the second one disappeared and the sign next door still stood proudly in front of their house.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is the second post I have put on today. To most Australians these are familiar spiders. My reason for writing about the spiders is because a lot of people that do not live in Australia have a morbid fear of the insects and snakes that we have here. My cousin rang me on sunday night from England and one of his comments was had I seen an snakes on my sons land ( They have just had a house built on acreage). We have lived in Australia now for 35 years and I will have to say I have never seen a snake around our house or anywhere close since we have been here. The closest to anything poisonous I have seen is redback spiders, these are poisonous. I uncovered one only last week in our garage a rather big female I must admit I did dispose of her but like most things if I had ignored her she would have run away from me. Perhaps the most daunting of Australian spiders is the Huntsman this is mildly toxic but it is a big spider and has the speed of a greyhound.When ever they get into our house, we usually find them on the bedroom ceiling just as we lay down to go to sleep. I say this has the speed of a greyhound but not as fast as my wife when she realises there is a spider in the room. The spiders have never seem to worry me but then perhaps up until now I have probably been a bit over confident.

On the move again.

We are on the move again we put the house on the market last thursday after being in here just 16 months. The inside of the house is entirely different now to when we moved in.We are now looking to go into an over 50s complex not a retirement village. Some of the houses we have looked at have more space inside than our house at the moment and this one is not small, the owners of one house we saw had named their house THE TARDIS. There is just one thing now and that is the simple thing of selling it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Please read the insructions.

Last night 11/8/2008 I noticed our dog had developed a swollen face being a Sheltie her nose is normally rather small and pointed this had swollen, so we went through the motions of trying to get a Vet, one that is open after normal hours. We found one that gave us some information over the phone he reckoned she had probably had an allergic reaction to an insect bite and to go to a chemist and get some antihistamine the product was called Phenagan this is for children, so at 10.30 pm I drove 25 kilometres to get some from a chemist that stayed open until 11. o clock. As I said this product is for children so read carefully the instructions on the side of the box.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Break and enter

Late yesterday afternoon Hazel and I took our daily walk with our dog.The usual thing is we leave the house by way of our garage locking up behind us and shutting the garage door by using the remote control I then hang the door keys on my belt loop. On returning home 30 minutes later my keys had disappeared from my belt I still had the remote control but no keys which meant I could get into the garage but to gain entry into the house itself I the had to get through one wooden door and one security door. We did by the way have another set of keys they were in Hazel,s handbag safely inside the house. We backtracked along the route we had taken to search for the keys but to no avail and by now it was dusk. the only thing I could think to do was to break in through the doors. The timber one was easy the security one I had to rip from the door frame using a crow bar or as they call them in Australia a wrecking bar. Trying to replace the security door today from our local hardware shop I found was going to very expensive and as the very helpful man in the shop said next time you break into your house just smash a window it works out a lot cheaper. The other part of the story was a young man had already found our keys on the road and having a local real estate phone number attached to the key ring we both had the same idea and phoned them, the result, one returned set of keys.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Just over a month ago I got in touch with an organisation that teaches people (over 50s) how to use
a computer or to learn how to get more from their computer
The idea of this work which is volunteer by the way, is not to teach someone from scratch, unless they have never used a computer before, but to help them to get more skills to better use their computer.I put in for teaching, and to my surprise was accepted. I am going to be partnered up with someone (one to one) that just hopefully wants to learn another skill. The first person I get will probably turn out to know more than I do. There is only one way to find out. Keep you posted.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Modern Technology.

Last week tuesday the 22-1-08 to be exact I went to the hospital in the evening because I did not feel too good I had some grumbling chest pains and because I had a double bypass in dec 2000 I knew that the pains I was getting where not indegestion pains. To cut a long story short I was kept in and I stayed there for a week. I had an angiogram on the 7th day and this is the second one I have had in 8 years since I have had heart trouble. The point I want to make here is the way modern technology has gone now you can find out virtually anything you want to know with the touch of a button. Modern surgery now can be and is less invasive. The things we can do today that we could not a few years ago can when you think about it be mind boggling. Electronically you can buy, sell, order, pay, reference anything you can possibly think of, you should never have any excuse these days for losing your way, keep in touch with anyone no matter where they are. Keep in touch with someone whether they want you to know where they are or not. If you went on holiday years ago you would send cards back to family and friends saying, having a good time wish you were here, now if they are interested enough they can be there, they not only hear first hand what you are doing but they can also see what you are doing. There is always a downside to anything and one is the way some idiots use the modern marvel, the mobile phone.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Nine MSM

This is just a quick post but can anyone tell me does Britney Spears own channel nine because every day, and I mean every day her name is mentioned on Nine MSM.